Recursos (Resources)

These are some of the web pages I use often. Let me know if you have any questions.

Quia  This website has games quizzes and flashcards.

Zondle:  Another educational game website; e-mail me for a sign-in (I have some topics picked out for students).  Look for Spanish “topics” and students can pick any game within that theme.  There are also other educational topics on the site if you’re interested.

Duolingo: This site has leveled language learning, it uses lots of translating and speaking.  It’s free because it has the learner helps translate (appropriate) websites from Spanish.

**Duolingo is becoming more a favorite of mine.  Here’s a blog about how to better use Duolingo.

Classzone  This website goes along with the books we have for middle school and high school; the site has flashcards, videos, quizzes, a conjugation activity and “animated grammar” clips.

Benchmark Educations: When you register for this site, you can find hundreds of printable mini-books to read at home.  (As you register, it will ask you for the school’s address, but there is a place to note that you are a parent.)

Study Spanish:  You can register for the site (for free) with an email.  Students can enter my “Teacher ID” U4YE6MQD and use this for homework credit (Middle School and High School).

Printables  This website has free Spanish worksheets students could work on at home.

Coloring worksheets:  Free coloring pages.

Videos:  Sesame Street has quite a few Spanish videos for younger (or nostalgic) viewers.

Free iPad apps:  

Middle School-Adult Age Range

LL Spanish–This one has lessons (I think by completing levels you may be able to unlock more, or if you love it you can download more.  Some of the games aren’t as intuitive as I would like them to be.

busuu-My favorite!  There are lessons, listening activities, contextualized vocabulary, and review activities for each lesson.

ConjuVerb- a quiz activity for conjugation.  You can select what tense you want to practice.

Flashcards+ can download or add vocab to make digital flash cards for study.

Learn Spanish (By Lucidifi)–Has flashcards and a quiz; there were 300 vocab words and could be categorized by subject.

Learn Spanish (Quick Spanish Book)– (Yes, there were several of these!)  This one I liked a little bit better than the other Learn Spanish, the graphics were a little better and the categories were easier to find and had a greater selection.

Elementary Age Range

RedHen_EN_SP–This is a fun book narrated in Spanish.  Also has an English version.  There are several more stories from the author Ana Lomba that cost between $2-$6.

Princess Spanish–This was the weakest app in my opinion.  Has one story mostly in English with a few Spanish site words.  I did like the memory game.

E Flash Spanish & E Flash Spanish 2–These had different vocab, pictures and sound effects in flash card form.

Funstreet- This was a game that incorporated colors and clothing.  Only had one aspect and could probably get boring quickly.

FetchSpanish- was my favorite app for Elementary ages.  It had a flash card component then a review game where the player locates the vocab in a park.  More vocab was available for purchase.

ReadingSkill Español/Lectura mágica -There are several options for play within the app for initial reading skills in Spanish.

Games (to purchase):  (these first four were the highest rated Spanish programs on, but I have not reviewed them)

Jumpstart Spanish $9.99 (early elementary) 3.5/5 stars on Amazon reviews

Hooked on Spanish $39.99 (ages 4-6) 4.5/5 stars on Amazon reviews

Learn to Speak Spanish Deluxe $17.99 (for download) 24.84 (DVD)  4/5 stars on Amazon reviews

Rosetta Stone– $399.99 through Amazon.

**Excellent language learning software, but pricey. It uses a native voice paired with pictures to introduce vocabulary and there are several applications that connect with this.  The voice software can create challenges as it is very specific about accents and pronunciation.  The program has a high focus on traveling Spanish, so scuba dive is introduced as a vocabulary word before mother and father.  For those upper middle school students who are practicing for High School Spanish you may need a grammar supplement.     (The program teaches the present progressive first <I am going to the store> which is an easy tense to learn, but sometimes confuses students when they are introduced to present tense  <I go to the store> or past tense <I went to the store>.  It is also used less frequently by native speakers.)

More resources to come!!


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