Brighton Options

Middle School and High School Course Guide

Middle School Spanish I (first period) – Las Aventuras de Isabela

High School Spanish I (fourth period) –El nuevo Houdini

High School Spanish I (fifth period) -Las piratas del Caribe y el mapa secreto.

**Pages similar to El nuevo Houdini will be available soon for Isabela and Piratas**

Elementary Spanish I and Spanish II Course Guide

Extension Opportunities

I want an opportunity for students to really feel challenged in the Spanish classes even though there are several different levels of Spanish represented.  I will be in contact with parents/students to discuss opportunities further.  One opportunity will be for students to read other books similar to the ones we are studying in the Middle and High School courses; I have a number of books at several different levels.  Students may test out of the assigned homework and complete more appropriate quizzes and tests available through the website.  Again, I want every one to be challenged and grow at their pace in these courses and I want to work with you to develop the best way possible for that to happen.

Travel Opportunity

One of the best ways to grow your Spanish abilities is to travel to a Spanish speaking country.  I am trying to put together a team from Brighton Options to travel to Costa Rica Spring Break 2013.  If you’re interested, please contact me at  I will let parents and students know about parent meetings and further details as they are available.


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