Intermediate Spanish B

MS Intermediate Spanish B

Quarter 4 (April 2,  2012-June 1, 2012)


Description: Intermediate level middle school Spanish. Students will practice present tense verbs, and have some introduction to past-tense and future tense.

BooksAvancemos A/B, El nuevo Houdini

Grading:  Students will be graded on participation (50%); homework, classwork and quizzes(25%); projects, and tests (25%).
Homework: Students are expected to be prepared for the lesson; full-points (20) will be given for all completed work turned in on-time or as students return from an absence.  No late work will be awarded points.
Students have options with their homework (unless otherwise noted):

  • Worksheet (either given in class or on RenWeb/web documents),
  • Retell the story/mini-cuento to an adult (parent signature sheets),
  • Write out the story/mini-cuento,
  • Draw the story,
  • Add self/ change character or ending to story,
  • Write a new story.
  • Write a song for the story/mini-cuento.

~If students have another idea, please e-mail me and it may be possible!~

There will also be one assignment per week that helps students prepare for the final project these will be indicated in the syllabus with double asterisks (**).

Students will also have some reading from .

Final Project: Students will be preparing a final project that will make up most of their test/project score in this class (20% of their final grade).  Rubrics are available on this website ( , as well as posted in RenWeb (class resources).  The goal of the project will be for students to incorporate the vocabulary and themes introduced in the course.  Students are encouraged to work in groups, make predictions regarding the reading, personalize both the vocabulary and themes to their lives, interests and talents.  Students will be given 2-3 minutes to present their project to the class the final week. If students work in groups, presentations should not exceed total time for the number of students in the group, for example if there are three students in the group, their time should not exceed 9 minutes.

Quizzes: Quizzes will be given in class, some may be unannounced, and some may be given over Quia.

Course Guide (changes may occur):

Week 1 (April 2-6): Introductions, and greetings, introductions to present tense conjugations and El nuevo Houdini.


Vocab for El nuevo Houdini  chapter 1.

Week 2 (April 9-13): El nuevo Houdini chapters 23.

Vocab for El nuevo Houdini  chapters 23, responses for chapters 1-2.

Week 3 (April 16-20):  El nuevo Houdini chapter 4chapter 5

Vocab for El nuevo Houdini  chapter 4chapter 5, responses for chapters 3-4.

Week 4 (April 23-27):

El nuevo Houdini chapter 6chapter 7

Vocab for El nuevo Houdini  chapter 6chapter 7, responses for chapters 5-6.

Week 5 (April 30-May 4):  El nuevo Houdini chapter 8chapter 9

Vocab for El nuevo Houdini   chapter 8chapter 9, responses for chapters 6-8.

Week 6 (May 14-18):   El nuevo Houdini chapter 10

Vocab for El nuevo Houdini  chapter 10, responses for chapters 9-10.

 Week 7  (May 21-25):  Review and Test over book.

Week 8 (May 29-June 1):  Project Presentations.


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