Intermediate Spanish A

MS Intermediate Spanish A

Quarter 3 (January 30,  2012-March 24, 2012)


Description: Intermediate level middle school Spanish. Students will learn new Spanish words through TPR-Total Physical Response

Books: TPR in First Year Spanish

Grading:  Students will be graded on participation (50%); homework, classwork and quizzes(30%); projects, and tests (20%).

Homework: There is no daily homework for this class.

Final Project: Students will be preparing a final project (a commercial for clothing or food) that will make up most of their test/project score in this class (20% of their final grade).

Quizzes: Quizzes will be given in class, some may be unannounced, and some may be given over Quia.

Course Guide:

Weeks 1: Basic commands, Classroom objects

Week 2: Colors, shapes and body parts

Week 3:  Quiz & Numbers 1-100

Quiz 1 study guide

Week 4: Food

Week 5: Emotions, daily routine (getting up, sleeping, brushing teeth, etc),  introduction to present indicative conjugation and pronouns.

Week 6: Clothing

Week 7: Quiz and preparation for final projects–commercials of food and clothing.


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