Fifth Grade Spanish

Fifth Grade Spanish Syllabus

Quarter 4, 2011-2012

 Description: Beginning level middle school Spanish. Students will learn about family, descriptions, weather, months, days of the week, seasons, telling time, clothing, emotions and rooms of the house.

BooksAvancemos A

Grading:  Students will be graded on participation (50%); homework, classwork and quizzes(25%); projects, and tests (25%).

Homework: Students are expected to be prepared for the lesson; full-points (5) will be given for all completed work turned in on-time or as students return from an absence.  Students with missing homework assignments will call parents to notify them of missing homework.

There will also be one assignment per week that helps students prepare for the final project these will be indicated in the syllabus with double asterisks (**).

Final Project: Students will be preparing a final project that will make up most of their test/project score in this class (20% of their final grade).  Rubrics are available on this website ( ) , as well as posted in RenWeb (class resources).  The goal of the project will be for students to incorporate the vocabulary and themes introduced in the course.  Students will be preparing a final project consisting of three elements: an oral presentation, an essay and a family tree display.

Course Guide (changes may occur):

Week 1 (April 2-6): Introductions, greetings and family.  (Introduce family project).


**Write one paragraph answering, “Who is in my family.”**

Week 2 (April 9-13): Gustar, snacks, and beverages

**Write one paragraph answering, “What do I/does my family like to eat?”**

Week 3 (April 16-20):  Gustar activities

-Gustar worksheet (to be handed out in class), but also available on RenWeb: hobbies & gustar 2 short

**Write one paragraph answering, “What does my family like to do together?”**

Week 4 (April 23-27): Ser, adjectives

**Write one paragraph describing yourself and another describing your family**

Week 5 (April 30-May 4):    Months of year, days of week, numbers (1-100), telling time, schedule, tener.

**Write school schedule OR birthdays of your family members**

Week 6 (May 14-18):   Meals, food and asking questions

Classroom activities: design a menu and host other students in a restaurant.

**Homework: work on Rough Draft!!  Rough drafts due May 17th***

 Week 7  (May 21-25):  Conferences and review

**Work on final drafts**

Week 8 (May 29-June 1):  Presentations!!!

**Final drafts of paper and tree due at time of presentations**


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